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Sonopuls 692s Status

enraf 20692sComplete unit for stationary ultrasound, electro and combination therapy. With StatUS, the ultrasound application remains stationary. Thanks to intensity modulation, invented by Enraf-Nonius, hotspots no longer occur. With this technique the ultrasound head is kept at the same place, so that the stimulation occurs precisely where it is required. An added advantage is that the therapist does not need to hold the head in place, thus saving valuable time. With the StatUS you can work faster, more specifcally and effciently. StatUS takes ultrasound to a new level, with increased comfort for both the patient and the physiotherapist.

Sonopuls 692v Status

enraf 20692vStationary US treatment (stationary ultrasound, or StatUS) is the latest development in the feld of treatment comfort. Ultrasound treatment has been well-proven for muscle/ligament disorders and for ligament injuries. The ultrasound application itself, however, is time-consuming and labour-intensive. An effective ultrasound treatment session traditionally consists of an application lasting several minutes, whereby the treatment head is moved over the area. This dynamic approach is necessary due to possible cavitation and hotspots that can occur in the tissue. With the revolutionary new technique of the StatUS, this dynamic method is no longer necessary.

Myomed 134

enraf myomed 20134Thanks to the Myomed 134, Enraf-Nonius has made it possible to use biofeedback in combination with electrotherapy. The Myomed 134 acts like a ‘stethoscope for the muscles' by showing how the patient is responding to the physiotherapist´s instructions and corrective tips. The Myomed 134 gives you an especially accurate source of information that shows the precise effects of your physiotherapeutic procedures. Biofeedback, whether or not used in combination with electrotherapy, is an effective form of therapy which has been developed as a successful alternative to surgery. It has been especially successful at improving the quality of life and feeling of freedom of incontinence patients. As a non-invasive treatment, it's also extremely suitable for use in the elderly.

Manumed optimal 4-section osteo

enraf opt4The 4-section model is the masterpiece of the Optimal line. The anatomically segmented top part combined with the wide array of section positions enable you to position your patient virtually however you wish. From reclining to sitting position, from flexion position to Trendelenburg position. Distinctive is also the seat depth of 47 cm and the possibility of seated position with flexed knees. Each section is separately adjustable. Adjustments are accomplished with the utmost ease thanks to the support of gas-springs. Height adjustment from 48 to 98 cm.

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