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The Genous Bio-engineered surface features antibodies immobilized on the stent that capture circulating endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs), which in turn rapidly form an endothelial layer over and between the stent struts. This protects against thrombus and minimizes restenosis. Recent data also has demonstrated a very short dose regimen of DAPT can be used for those patients where prolonged use of Clopidogrel is contraindicated. 

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Azule’s unique dual helix design provides natural conformability and enormous radial strength without comprising its extreme flexibility. Each individual cell can be dilated up to 4.5mm for side branch access. The Azule is L605 cobalt chromium, which has no molybdenum and less nickel than 316L stainless steel and MP35N cobalt chromium. Some patients are allergic to both nickel and molybdenum and can develop restenosis as a result

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The Sapphire II semi-compliant balloon has the lowest crossing and tip-entry profile of any balloon on the market today. It also includes a 1.00mm diameter balloon, the smallest balloon available, which will enable crossing of the tightest and most tortuous lesions, and is especially ideal for crossing CTOs.

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Sapphire NC Coronary Dilation Catheter is a non-compliant balloon dilatation catheter with minimal growth and the highest rated burst pressure. Sapphire NC combines advanced precision and material engineering technologies for optimum reliability and deliverability.

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The Scoreflex Coronary Dilatation Catheter is designed for use in focused force angioplasty. The dual wire system creates a focal stress pattern to facilitate effective controlled plaque fracture at low-resolution pressure. Scoreflex has a low crossing profile and unbeatable trackability.

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