The Kenz is a well-known brand from the manufacturer Suzuken Company Limited. (Japan). Suzuken has constructed an integrated system for the in-house development, production, and sale of electrocardiographs and Holter electrocardiographs under the original brand Kenz, which is at the core of its medical equipment business.

The Kenz Cardico Series electrocardiographs and the Cardy Series Holter electrocardiographs are renowned for their advanced performance and high reliability. These products are directly sold in Japan through the Suzuken Group's independent sales network, and are distributed through well established distributors in over 50 nations around the world, including the U.S., Europe, the Middle East, and various Asian countries.

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Cardico 1207

kenz cardico1207 1The Kenz Cardico 1207 is a twelve channel digital interpretive electrocardiograph with versatile functions to satisfy your requirements and expand the diagnostic capabilities. The 1207 features a large 8-inch LCD screen and a stress test option, which can upgrade the 1207 to a full exercise stress testing system.

ECG 110

kenz ecg110 1The Kenz ECG-110 is a single channel digital electrocardiograph with an LCD screen for observing and monitoring the patient's ECG. Kenz ECG-108/110 are top quality single channel Electrocardiographs for recording manually, automatically and features an arrhythmia detection mode used in detecting abnormal rhythms.

Lifecorder EX

kenz lifecorder 1The compact Lifecorder EX, with a 200 day memory capability and battery life of six months, is especially designed for lifestyle management programs. With the PAAS software, activity measurement data can be recorded and compared to previous time periods and the user's initial baseline activity. With this knowledge, the instructor can adjust the user's activity levels to establish proper and achievable goals.

Cardy Holter Analysis system

kenz cardy 1The Kenz Cardy Holter Analysis system includes the Cardy 301 recorder for recording 24-hour ECG data. The Cardy Controller for imputing patient information, reviewing ECG data and recording 24 hour ECG in the memory card. The Cardy Analyser software for complete analysis of the recorded 24-hour ECG data.


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