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 Radiation protection - *we sell x-ray markers*

Bay Medical is the fastest growing supplier of x-ray protection wear and accessories in Australia & New Zealand, becoming the preferred supplier of a number of major Australian hospitals, vet hospitals, x-ray centres and universities. 

We have the largest range of radiation protection in Australia and are one of only a few suppliers of lead aprons in Australia who comply to Australian Standard ANZ4543, the official standard of radiation protection products.

We are sellling a large number of items in this online store, but not the full range. If there is anything you are looking for that you cannot locate in this store, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call + 61 2 8344 1300.



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Patient Privacy Screens

Silentia Screens is a Swedish patented screening system, designed to make work easier in hospitals and other care situations, for the benefit of patients and staff. Since it was introduced in 1990, Silentia helps provide fast and effective screening in care situations all over the world.

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Scrub Uniforms

Cherokee is the leader in the design of fashionable uniforms and footwear for nurses and other healthcare professionals.

Bay Medical offers the full Cherokee range to a wide number of medical facilities, nursing staff, hospitals, veterinary surgeries, dental practices, University/TAFE nursing facilities and allied health professionals.

Cherokee continues to introduce new fabrics and create new designs bringing style into the workplace, practically and with the best possible quality.


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Trolleys and Carts

Our partner FRANCEHOPITAL designs, manufactures and exports the highest quality Medical and Ward Trolleys, Laundry Transport Systems, Operating Room Trolley and Furniture, Healthcare Waste Transport Products and Hospital Equipments





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