vacsax logoSince its incorporation in 1996 VacSax Ltd. has gone from strength to strength, increasing its product range and market share both in the UK and overseas, exporting to over 25 countries. VacSax now have the largest and most comprehensive product range available in the disposable suction market. Because VacSax Ltd. is dedicated to disposable suction it is able to channel all its resources from market research, innovative product design, automated manufacture and customer service to this very important medical equipment market. This results in a better understanding of customer needs and the development of innovative products to make the collection and handling of medical waste as safe as is practically possible. VacSax Ltd. is passionate about quality. We are registered to ISO 9001.2000 & EN 46001. You can be sure of a quality product from VacSax Ltd. and confident in its integrity and safety. From product design through to dispatch VacSax is unrivalled in its dedication to excellence. Our customer service team is always on hand to provide rapid and accurate information and to answer any question a customer may have.

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 Advance range

vacsax advance 1The Advance Range from VacSax is a closed disposable suction system, the ideal choice for all areas within the Hospital.

Designed with just 2 Ports, patient and vacuum, both of different dimensions. The use of VacSax taper connector ensures cross connection is eliminated.

Each liner with the exception of the cascade version has a hydrophobic bacterial shut off valve located in the cap for complete overflow protection. The unique patented design of the bag is folded for ease of storage and begins to inflate immediately when vacuum is attached. After use the bag will stand upright whilst full of fluid. The integral carry handles on the liner allows for safe removal from the canister and transportation when full.


vacsax gelsax 1GelSax has been designed to be a totally closed and safe system for the removal of suction waste. Each liner containing exactly the right amount of PreGel, preserved in a unique material which will instantly dissolve when wet, delivering the PreGel directly onto the medical liquid waste as soon as it enters the liner.

Because the PreGel has been uniquely formulated not to expand when wet, you can be confident in the approximate volume of the Liner. As with the VacSax Liner, the GelSax Liner is designed with just 2 Ports, Patient and Vacuum, both of different dimensions, ensuring cross connection is eliminated. Gelling is rapid, safe and reliable.


vacsax pregel 1PreGel has been uniquely formulated so as not to expand when wet.. It can therefore be added to a suction liner or canister before the procedure begins. Enabling the user to be confident in the approximate volume readings. However, PreGel can be added as a Post Gel if preferred. This method can also be used when using a Tandem or Cascade system to solidify the contents once used. PreGel is supplied in a variety of sizes to meet your every need.

 Spider Suction collection system

vacsax spider 1Suction collection systems. Stainless steel pole and stainless steel brackets located on a sturdy mobile wipe clean base. Supplied without suction controller, but with mounting to accept a remote suction controller, which can be purchased separately.

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