vasyli logoVASYLI International was founded in 1979 in Sydney, Australia by Podiatrist Phillip J. Vasyli. Commencing as an orthotic laboratory manufacturing plaster cast orthotics, it soon became evident that there was a need for more time-efficient and cost-effective orthotic solutions. In response, Phillip Vasyli invented the 'VASYLI heat-moldable orthotic'. Dispensed in only minutes without the need for any casting, VASYLI orthotics dramatically changed the orthotic landscape giving practitioners more options and flexibility. In addition, the product made orthotic treatment available to a wide scope of other health practitioners.

Users include Orthopedists, Podiatrists, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors and other health professionals in both private practice and in hospitals and HMO's. Many sports medicine practitioners use VASYLI orthotics to treat professional athletes, helping them prevent foot and ankle injuries and increase their performance. Today, Vasyli International has become the global market leader in supplying treatment solutions to health professionals.

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McConnell Slimfit Orthotic

vasilyi11The Vasyli - McConnell slimfit orthotic has just made fitting orthotics into women's high heels and sandals much easier. With a new slimmer profile and enhanced metatarsal support, the new Vasyli – McConnell slimfit device “disappears “ under the foot making it the perfect solution for hard to fit footwear. Enhanced metatarsal control. Slim design fits most heeled shoes & sandals. Dual-density compound. Supports & realigns the foot.

Armstrong Diabetic orthotic

vasilyi1The Vasyli-Armstrong Diabetic orthotic addresses the key problem areas for the diabetic foot – shearing / friction and pressure. By utilizing patented Glidesoft® technology, this unique combination of construction and materials has been scientifically shown to reduce shear pressures by over 50%* and the onset of plantar ulcers by over 70%**, compared to conventional diabetic insoles. The dorsal surface of the Vasyli-Armstrong orthotic moves with the plantar surface of the foot. This dramatically reduces shearing/frictional forces. This in-turn assists In the reduction of skin lesions and the potential for infection/ulceration.

Dananberg Orthotic

vasilyi9The Vasyli Howard Danangberg Orthotic makes treating 1st Ray Function easier. The worlds first professional orthotic device with removable first ray sections has been designed with Proximal and Distal plugs which can be removed individually or together as necessary. Due to the variations experienced in the length of a patients foot/toes, the plugs can be removed when the orthotic is fitted, ensuring the head of the 1st MPJ coincides with the removed plug. In cases where maximum effect is required (Structural Hallux Limitus - SHL), both plugs can be removed offering a larger path of least resistance to the joint in an effort to enhance 1st ray function. In addition to the removable plugs, this orthotic is also heat moldable, to personalize the rearfoot control.

Customs Low-med-high Density

vasilyi7Low Density - Ideal for elderly, diabetic and arthritic patients who require special consideration.

Medium Density - Designed for the "average" patient with general orthotic needs, blue density orthotics provide excellent biomechanical control.

High Density - Designed for high performance, this range provides both durability and solid biomechanical control.


vasilyi10This model features a lateral cut-away providing an easy fit into hard-to-fit footwear, including men's loafers & ladies (low-heeled) dress shoes and cleats. Ideal for both narrow and wide fitting footwear.

Custom Slimfit

vasilyi8The VASYLI Custom Slimfit is specifically designed to fit ladies fashion shoes, such as fashion shoes and high-heels. The flexible base allows easy contouring of the shank of the shoe. The rearfoot angle is reduced to 2 degrees due to the "high heel factor" (tibio talar axis) whose action inverts the foot as the heel is raised.



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